Xbox Live Banking Billions on Virtual Goods, Twitter ‘Mumbles’ Big in Japan

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xbox live making money with virtual goods

Highlights from this morning’s other big tech headlines….

  • Nonexistent virtual goods produce obscene revenue for online services. The phenomenon, which even attracts criminal activity, is currently helping Microsoft stave off the effects of diminishing video game sales. Forbes estimates that Xbox Live earns the company more than $1 billion annually, primarily through various account upgrades, and from the sale of avatars, costumes, character attributes and other intangible items. [From: Forbes]

  • Stumped New York Times writers searching for alternate ways to describe “posted messages on Twitter,” may have just found their “tweet” substitute — by way of a Japanese translation. Now, 16.3-percent of Japanese Internet users “mumble” on Twitter, compared to the 9.8-percent of U.S. Web users. Japanese mumbles also impressively represent 12-percent of total worldwide tweets. [From: The Huffington Post]

  • WordPress experienced crippling outages earlier this month, but the millions of online pontificators temporarily left blogless may soon forget those past worries. The official WordPress 3.0 ‘Thelonious’ upgrade, inspired by the jazz musician’s “improvisational wizardry,” apparently now provides subscribers with a variety of exciting features, including bulk updates, customizable style options and a more efficient and navigable interface. [From: Mashable]


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