Unite for a Progressive President

We have one month left before the first votes are cast.
Right now, the polls show a dead heat in Iowa between Senators Clinton, Edwards, and Obama.
This is our time to impact the Democratic nomination. DFA members excel at taking close races over the top. We will lead the way in calling on Iowans to Unite for a Progressive President.
Sign the nationwide call to action right now:
The Iowa caucus isn’t a typical election. There are no secret ballots. People state their candidate preferences and then are given multiple chances to switch based on the viability of their chosen candidate and conversations that occur in the caucus room. This allows for the unique opportunity for Iowa voters to Unite for a Progressive President before the end of the night rather then split the progressive vote between one or more candidates.
Last month over 154,000 of you voted in the largest primary poll of 2008. The poll made clear two striking facts: A 78% consensus for the top three progressive candidates of Edwards, Kucinich, and Obama¹. And 95% of DFA members voted for someone other than the media’s frontrunner.
The message is clear. Unite for a Progressive President who will embrace grassroots engagement, not the beltway establishment. Unite for a Progressive President with the backbone to fight for change, not the same poll driven status quo.
Unite for a Progressive President who proudly stands with the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party.
Let’s show Iowa Democrats that tens of thousands of progressives are ready to follow their lead:
Last January, we asked you if DFA should be involved in the Presidential race and 80% of the vote was a resounding yes. Starting in February, DFA members pressured the candidates on progressive issues and in return, the candidates responded to you with videos on Iraq and Global Warming.
Now, it all comes down to this. Any of the Democratic candidates will make a great President. Each of them is significantly better than any of the Republican candidates. But, primaries matter, and this is our chance to elect not just a Democrat but a progressive President.
The campaign escalates on Wednesday as DFA members will write thousands of letters to Iowa asking voters to lead the way on January 3rd. Followed quickly with statewide newspaper ads, media buys and on the ground emergency rallies. By caucus day, every Iowa DFA member and Democratic voter will know the national movement of 675,000 progressive activists is united and ready to follow their lead. You empower Iowa voters with a positive call to action: Unite for a Progressive President.
There is no time to sit on the sidelines and wait. This is a fight for the heart and soul of the Democratic Party. It is up to you to make change happen.
Thank you for working to take our country back.

Gore goes to #1 in latest DFA pulse poll

Despite not being included as a candidate in the latest DFA (Democracy for America) poll, Al Gore has taken first place over all the declared candidates. DFA provided a space for a write-in vote, allowing people to cast their vote for Al Gore.

Here are the current standings:

Candidate %

Al Gore 25.02%
John Edwards 24.41%
Barack Obama 1 8.46%
Dennis Kucinich 15%
Hillary Clinton 6.82%
Bill Richardson 4.1%
Other 1166 2.66%
Joe Biden 1.44%
Mike Gravel 1.21%
Christopher Dodd .88%

You can vote in the poll here (one vote only per e-mail address): http://democracyforamerica.com/pulsepoll