DEVELOPING DEMOCRACY- The monthly newsletter of CUIP

October Issue: County Fairs, Corridor Fights and Cold Calls
Independents around the country are using every opportunity, from county fairs, to the Texas toll road fight and good old fashion cold calling to build the network of independents. Read their inspiring stories below.

Mitch Campbell, founder of the American Independent Movement, spoke with hundreds of fair-goers at the Idaho Twin County Fair over Labor Day weekend. “The responses I received have been positive, overwhelming and humbling,” said Mitch.

Robert Sullentrop of St. Louis, MO founded an organization called Rock The Debates which has posted video clips of nine presidential candidates on its website responding to the question of whether they would be willing to debate an independent in the 2008 general election. The candidate responses range from straight to downright squirmy.

Linda Curtis, founder and chair of Independent Texans reports, “I recently met with Presidential candidate and Congressman Dennis Kucinich. We had a one-on-one 90 minute discussion that focused on the growing corruption story in Texas surrounding the Trans-Texas Corridor and freeway-to-tollway schemes of Governor Rich Perry’s administration.”

New Hampshire Independents Make Their Voices Heard. Activists with the NH Committee for an Independent Voice (“NH-CIV”) hosted a forum for independents on Sunday, October 14, 2007 at Alpine Groves in Hollis, NH. CUIP President Jackie Salit – a leading strategist for the independent political movement – was the featured speaker. Presidential candidates Rep. Dennis Kucinich and former Senator Mike Gravel also addressed the gathering. Read coverage in the Nashua Telegraph.

Nancy Ross, CUIP Speacial Projects Coordinator, attended the Democracy in America conference and reports, “The conference–and the larger process of which it’s a part–are about finding ways to break down barriers that divide the American people from one another. That concern is something independent voters feel very close to, since so many of us feel the partisan divide is making it impossible for the country to move forward.”
NYC Activists Call for Clinton/Obama Debate at the Apollo Theater in Harlem. At a press conference and at the annual African American Day parade, NCY activists with The Committee for a Harlem Debate Between Clinton and Obama took their message out to the community calling for an opportunity to more seriously consider their ’08 choices. The group polled over 750 parade goers about their desire to see Clinton/Obama Harlem debate.

Facing America’s Independents, a short documentary featuring independent voters from around the country, is now viewable online. In the film, independents express their views on the following: Are independents gaining more political recognition? Why did you become an independent voter? What does the independent movement stand for?

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