Annie Loyd for Congress Campaign Overview

“As we look to the elections in November of 2008 we can say beyond a doubt – we have lost our way . . . It is time for a big change. We have all witnessed the awful effects that violence and the poverty of spirit, bring to our communities both locally and globally. It is time for competent, common sense leadership and that is why I, Annie Loyd, made the decision to run for Congress as an Independent in Arizona’s U. S. Congressional District 3.

I’m a registered Independent because in the more than 20 years I’ve worked in politics, I’ve witnessed time and time and time again, that good people’s voices are not being heard, not being recognized, not being acknowledged, not being utilized, not being called on.

I’m a registered Independent because our voices matter and our call for change haven’t been heard. As Americans, we have a Constitution that is designed to protect our voice, the voice of the people. However, in order for our voices to be heard we must first speak.

We have an opportunity – at this time in our country’s history – to make history and begin a powerful movement of change. We have an opportunity to catalyze thousands of voters that believe neither party is representing their interests and are desperate for new a vision. We have an opportunity to create a vision that looks to our future and considers the impact of our decisions on future generations.

Together – we can do it! I am convinced we can and will inspire hope within our community demonstrating throughout the campaign that there is a different way to do politics – The Annie Loyd for Congress campaign is setting a different standard for political campaigns with a focus on door to door communication and engaging with the people in the district, with the inspiring message of Together – we can do it.

As a direct result of talking to hundreds of people we, the Annie Loyd for Congress campaign, know the politics of – involving negative campaign ad’s, endless robo-calls and sound bite messages – has created disengagement with the voters and dissuaded many from voting at all.
America stands for Independence. Arizona embodies the Independent American. America represents the power of the people upholding liberty, justice and freedom for all. We have the responsibility to ensure our voices are heard. Too many times I’ve heard: I’m not voting — it doesn’t make a difference – the time for a new way is now.

The Annie Loyd for Congress campaign is committed to delivering a message of information that inspires and engages and that educates and empowers the people of Congressional District 3 in Arizona to work together to create the new paradigm of politics – the art of possibilities; the change we all so desire.

The time is now for courageous leadership with a vision for the future and a desire and willingness to move us forward restoring our ability to be an effective leader throughout the world, starting with immediately addressing issues right here at home.
I believe in leaders who take action, leaders who engage and inspire us, and leaders who encourage us to speak out and who listen to our voices.
The campaign is hosting and attending house party after house party and participating in a multitude of community events, meetings, and activities. The success of this campaign is based in the knowing that people want and need to have their voice heard and know their vote matters. We want and need your active participation.
The voter registration in Arizona Congressional District 3 is a strong mix of independently minded people ready to create change. To successful create this desired change we knew it was imperative to build this campaign on a solid foundation. We have attracted, what I believe to be, the best people in their areas of expertise to work and guide this campaign. Because of excellent research, compiled by our team, we know the trends nationally and locally and by the November 2008 election there will be more registered Independents in Arizona Congressional District 3 than Democrats. We know voters are disgusted with partisan politics, we know how to win this race. As a former athlete I believe it is part of human nature to know and believe you are on the winning team.
Together – our team is the winning team. Together – we can do it!While the antiquated political parties continue to be mired in the politics of the past we have our pulse on the people in our community and are answering their call. We have redefined politics as the art of possibilities encompassing:
A – Accountability
R – Responsibility
T – Transparency
Is this not what we have all been asking for – for such a long time?! In the famous words of John F. Kennedy, “ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.”
I would not be entering into this race if I didn’t believe it was possible to win. I believe our actions, throughout the campaign, will reflect our message of inclusivity, civic participation and the transformation of this existing brutal political campaign climate.
Join the winning team and engage in politics – the art of possibilities.
Working together – we are the winning team! Annie Loyd