Third Conference on Democracy in America

Third Conference on Democracy in America, September 2007

Tuesday, 2007, September 18 – 6:00pm – Friday, 2007, September 21 – 12:00pm

Aspen Wye River, Queenstown, Maryland September 18-21, 2007

Engage a small group of leaders and experts from across the political spectrum in authentic dialogue about shared values, areas of mutual concern and transpartisan alignment.
Confirmed participants thus far:

Peter Gemma, Senior Advisor, American Conservative Defense Alliance
Grover Norquist, President, Americans for Tax Reform
Carolyn Lukensmeyer, President, AmericaSpeaks
Alan Khazei, Founder, Be the Change
David Korten, Board Member, Business Alliance for Local Living Economies
Roger Hickey, Co-director, Campaign for America’s Future
Michele Combs, Communications Director, Christian Coalition
Dave Keating, Executive Director, Club for Growth
Nancy Ross, Political Director, Committee for a Unified Independent Party
Jodie Evans, Founder, Codepink Women for Peace
Matt Leighninger, Executive Director, Deliberative Democracy Consortium
Jim Babka, President,
Robert Richie, Executive Director,
Joshua Gorman, Founder, Generation Waking Up
Brent McMillian, Political Director, Green Party
Lawry Chickering, Research Fellow, Hoover Institution, Stanford University
Kathy Partridge, Executive Director, Interfaith Funders
Nancy Tate, Executive Director, League of Women Voters
Shane Cory, Executive Director, Libertarian National Committee
Michael Ostrolenk, Founder, Liberty Coalition
Scott Heiferman, Co-Founder,
Maya Enista, COO, Mobilizing America’s Youth
Jeff Weissglass, Former Chairman, More Than Money
Debbie Hopper, Founder, Mothers Against the Draft
Eli Pariser, Executive Director,
Sandy Heierbacher, Director, National Coalition for Dialogue and Delib.
Jackie Johnson, Executive Director, National Congress of American Indians
John Briscoe, Director of Dev., National Council of Churches USA
Patrice McDermott, Director,
Bill Westmiller, Chairman, Republican Liberty Caucus
Bob Barr, Chairman, Patriots to Restore Checks and Balances
Marianne Williamson, Chair, Peace Alliance
John Sirek, President, Philanthropy for Active Civic Engagement
Robert Fuller, Author, Sombodies and Nobodies
Paul Loeb, Author, Soul of a Citizen
John Esterle, Executive Director, Whitman Institute
Juanita Brown, Founder, World Café


Mark Gerzon, President, Mediators Foundation
Donna Zajonc, Author, Politics of Hope
Joseph McCormick, Co-founder, Reuniting America
John Steiner, Chair, Exec. Cmte., Reuniting America
Ana Micka, Co-director, Reuniting America
Debilyn Molinaeux, Event Coordinator, Reuniting America
Peter Hwosch, Filmmaker, Hwosch Productions
Chris Bui, Founder, 5th Medium I.C. (the American Focus Program)