This email in from a reader (didn’t know I had any!)

I got this email in yesterday from a reader and it was a wakeup call to me and I want to thank you!

>”Peter Gemma, CFRE” wrote:> As I understand it, the Transpartisan news you offer is supposed to network and find common ground between right/left/centerist viewpoints. I cannot ever remember seeing counter arguments to your recycled left/liberal stuff. I can read endless stories about (yawn) the Global Warming fad, Gore, etc. etc. in the New York Times and What’s new about any of this? are you breaking new ground? How about offering an alternative opinion (gasp!) and to the other info you send out. Here’s an original idea: send some thoughtful right-wing/conservative opinions around — or don’t you think there is any such thing?>

My Reply to Peter was:

>Ouch, but the truth hurts Peter! You are so correct my friend and I apologize. Would you care to have posting privledges on the blog? We could discuss things back and forth!> > Think about it ok?> > Steve

Letter from Al Gore

Dear Steve,

Fred Krupp, President of the Environmental Defense Fund and journalist Miriam Horn have just published a fascinating book called Earth: The Sequel – The Race to Reinvent Energy and Stop Global Warming.

The book tells the story of scientists and businessmen working on the front lines to solve the climate crisis, turning our planet’s greatest threat into our greatest economic opportunity.

The book also explores breakthroughs in solar, wind, and biomass technologies, in addition to examining how we must reinvent everything from cars to concrete and replace our current outdated centralized electrical grid with a smart, multidirectional energy network.

You can buy your copy of Earth The Sequel by clicking here.

Thank you,

Al Gore